Think simple, think fast, think Tinder for beauty
How it works!
Easy to Use
Want to be able to connect to a range of your local beauty services directly, at the touch of a button? With Pretty Pronto you create your own unique profile, request appointments with local beauty services and then book directly.
All In One
Get what you want, when you want. In under a minute you can request an appointment from as many beauty services as you like. Time poor? Don’t have a quiet moment to make a call? Trying to book an appointment without your boss breathing down your neck? Visiting a new city and don’t know what beauty services are on offer? ‘Pretty Pronto that’ and get your booking done, fast.

A simple four step process. Select What you want, Who you want, When you want it and Contact now.
Key To Success
They say the best publicity is free publicity. Expose your beauty business to the world – for free. Bring more people right to your shop front, even if you don’t have one, through the simple genius of Pretty Pronto. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s now! The most successful entities are those who have the capacity to move with the times. Don’t rely on outdated methods of building clientele to fill those time slots that would go otherwise empty. Let Pretty Pronto do it for you, whist you are focusing on your clients! We connect people who are looking for your services.
Download the Pretty Pronto App now and join the revolution!
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